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Serious upgrade to the famous Music Goddess 2

Reference series ribbon tweeter Apr. 2.0 employed

Woofer upgraded to 3rd generation AC200/DC502C2C (8 inches)

Aluminium Frame, sandwich cone of non-woven carbon

fiber + Cell + Non-woven carbon fiber, 75 mm copper clas aluminium

voice coil with flat wire, special magnet system with Faraday ring and demodulation coil, 170 mm x 22 mm Y30 ferrite magnet

Midrange unit upgraded to AC130/DC25CK (5.2 inches)  Made of expensive aero grade carbon fibre and kevlar, copper clad aluminium voice

coil with flat wire, special electronic magnet system with Faraday ring and demodulation coil

Parabola shaped cabinet structure upgrade

Enhanced bass extencion and resolution 

Ultra precise crossover to seamless harmony of drivers

Total weight per pair increased by 12 kg.

Prijs per paar: 3695 euro.

Technical Data

Design: 3 way, 3 unit, floor standing

Frequency response: 32 Hz - 40 KHz  plus minus 3 dB

Sensitivity: 89 dB/W/M

Nominal Impendance: 8 Ohm

Power handling: 50 - 200 W.

Crossover elements: Jantzen capacitors - made in Denmark

Special ordered MKP capacitors

Metal film resistors and OFC inductors

Connection: Bi wired, gold plated binding posts

Dimensions: 1100 mm x 264 mm x 385 mm (H x W x D)

Cabinet: High quality MDF finished with black and rosewood in multiple piano laquer

Weight: ca. 40 kgs


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